Establishment of a fistula through which the ileum discharges directly to the outside of the body. [ileo- + G. stoma, mouth]
- Brooke i. i. in which the divided proximal ileum, brought through the abdominal wall, is evaginated and its edge is sutured to the dermis; a 2-cm protrusion is the desired result of the procedure.
- Kock i. SYN: Kock pouch.

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il·e·os·to·my .il-ē-'äs-tə-mē n, pl -mies
1) surgical formation of an artificial anus by connecting the ileum to an opening in the abdominal wall
2) the artificial opening made by ileostomy

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a surgical operation in which the ileum is brought through the abdominal wall to create an artificial opening (stoma) through which the intestinal contents can discharge, thus bypassing the colon. Various types of bag may be worn to collect the effluent. The operation is usually performed in association with colectomy; or to allow the colon to rest and heal in cases of colitis; or following injury or surgery to the colon. It can be used as an alternative to a colostomy.

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il·e·os·to·my (il″e-osґtə-me) [ileo- + -stomy] surgical creation of an opening into the ileum, usually by establishing an ileal stoma on the abdominal wall.

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