Pertaining to or characterized by hypoglycemia.

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hy·po·gly·ce·mic or chiefly Brit hy·po·gly·cae·mic -'sē-mik adj
1) of, relating to, caused by, or affected with hypoglycemia <a \hypoglycemic reaction> <\hypoglycemic patients>
2) producing a decrease in the level of sugar in the blood <\hypoglycemic drugs>
hypoglycemic or chiefly Brit hypoglycaemic n
1) one affected with hypoglycemia
2) an agent that lowers the level of sugar in the blood

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hy·po·gly·ce·mic (hi″po-gli-seґmik) 1. pertaining to or characterized by hypoglycemia. 2. producing hypoglycemia. 3. an agent that lowers the level of glucose in the blood.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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