1. Pertaining to cytologic or histologic elements occurring where they are not normally found. SEE ALSO: xenogeneic. 2. Derived from an animal of a different species, as the serum of a horse is h. for a rabbit. [hetero- + G. logos, ratio, relation]

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het·er·ol·o·gous .het-ə-'räl-ə-gəs adj
1) derived from a different species <\heterologous DNAs> <\heterologous transplants> compare AUTOLOGOUS, HOMOLOGOUS (2a)
2) characterized by cross-reactivity <a \heterologous vaccine protects against pathogenic antigens that cross-react with antibodies induced by antigens in the vaccine>
het·er·ol·o·gous·ly adv

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het·er·ol·o·gous (het″ər-olґə-gəs) [hetero- + Gr. logos due relation, proportion] 1. made up of tissue not normal to the part. 2. xenogeneic. 3. pertaining to antigen and antibody that are not homologous, i.e., the antigen is not the one that elicited the production of the antibody.

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