A widely used potent nonflammable and nonexplosive inhalation anesthetic, with rapid onset and reversal; side effect s include respiratory and cardiovascular depression, and sensitization to epinephrine-induced arrhythmias. Often used in children, as the odor is less pungent than some other anesthetic agents.

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halo·thane 'hal-ə-.thān n a nonexplosive inhalational anesthetic C2HBrClF3

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a potent general anaesthetic administered by inhalation, used for inducing and maintaining anaesthesia in all types of surgical operations. However, it may cause liver damage and is less widely used now than formerly.

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hal·o·thane (halґo-thān) [USP] a potent inhalational anesthetic, widely used for induction and maintenance of general anesthesia; it is nonflammable, induction and recovery are smooth and rapid, and the depth of anesthesia is rapidly altered.

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