A superfamily of filarial nematodes parasitic in many animal species, including man; includes the families Filariidae, Diplotraenidae, Onchocercidae, and Stephanofilariidae. See Filaria. SEE ALSO: Dipetalonema, Dirofilaria, Loa loa, Mansonella, Onchocerca, Wuchereria, Brugia. SYN: Filariicae.

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Fi·lar·i·oi·dea fə-.lar-ē-'ȯid-ē-ə, -.ler- n pl a large superfamily of nematodes of the order Spirurida that comprises the medically important filarial worms and related forms having a slender thready body, a simple anterior end with the oral lips inconspicuous, a cylindrical esophagus lacking a bulbus, and often unequal and dissimilar copulatory spicules in the male
fi·lar·i·oid fə-'lar-ē-.ȯid, -'ler- adj

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Fi·lar·i·oi·dea (fĭ-lar″e-oiґde-ə) a superfamily or order of nematodes that are parasitic in many different animals. The adults are threadlike worms that invade the tissues and body cavities where the female deposits embryonated eggs (prelarvae) known as microfilariae. The microfilariae are then ingested by blood-sucking insects, in whom they pass their developmental stage, to be later returned to host animals when the insects bite them. Genera infecting humans include Brugia, Loa, Mansonella, Onchocerca, and Wuchereria. Those infecting domestic animals include Dirofilaria, Parafilaria, Setaria, and Stephanofilaria.

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