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esoph·a·go·gas·tro·plas·ty (ə-sof″ə-go-gasґtro-plas″te) plastic repair of the esophagus and stomach; called also cardioplasty. esophagogastroplastic adj

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  • cardioplasty — An operation on the cardia of the stomach. SYN: esophagogastroplasty. [cardio (2) + G. plastos, formed] * * * car·dio·plas·ty kärd ē ō .plas tē n, pl ties plastic surgery performed on the gastric cardiac sphincter * * * car·dio·plas·ty (kahrґde o …   Medical dictionary

  • esophagocologastrostomy — esoph·a·go·co·lo·gas·tros·to·my (ə sof″ə go ko″lo gas trosґtə me) a formerly common type of esophagogastroplasty with interposition of a segment of colon between the esophagus and stomach …   Medical dictionary

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