SYN: diadochokinesia.

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di·ad·o·cho·ci·ne·sia (di-ad″ə-ko-sĭ-neґzhə) diadochokinesia.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • diadochokinesia, diadochokinesis — The normal power of alternately bringing a limb into opposite positions, as of flexion and extention or of pronation and supination. SYN: diadochocinesia. [G. diadochos, working in turn, + kinesis, movement] …   Medical dictionary

  • diadochokinesia — di·a·do·cho·ki·ne·sia or di·a·do·ko·ki·ne·sia dī .ad ə .kō kə nē zh(ē )ə, .dī ə .dō (.)kō , kī nē n the normal power of alternating diametrically opposite muscular actions (as flexion and extension of a limb) di·a·do·cho·ki·net·ic or… …   Medical dictionary

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