The quality or state of being cytotoxic.
- antibody-dependent cell-mediated c. (ADCC) a form of cell-mediated c. that functions by binding of the FC region of IgG antibodies to Fc receptors on leukocytes. The FAB region of the antibody binds to the target cell. Killing of the target cell may be through various modalities, e.g., perforin, reactive oxygen intermediates, cytokines.
- lymphocyte-mediated c. the toxic or lytic activity of lymphocytes, which may or may not be mediated by antibodies. Cytotoxic T lymphocytes may cause lysis of cells by production of cytolytic proteins such as perforin. B cells may cause lysis of cells by antibody-complement binding to a target cell. Natural killer cells are cytotoxic without prior sensitization. SEE ALSO: antibody-dependent cell-mediated c..

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cy·to·tox·ic·i·ty (si″to-tok-sisґĭ-te) the degree to which an agent possesses a specific destructive action on certain cells or the possession of such action; used particularly in referring to the lysis of cells by immune phenomena and to antineoplastic drugs that selectively kill dividing cells. cytotoxic adj

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