SYN: crest. [L. crest]
- c. ampullaris [TA] SYN: ampullary crest.
- c. ampullaris (ductuum semicircularium) [TA] SYN: ampullary crest (of semicircular ducts).
- c. arcuata cartilaginis arytenoideae [TA] SYN: arcuate crest of arytenoid cartilage.
- c. basalaris ductus cochlearis [TA] SYN: basal crest of cochlear duct.
- c. basilaris ductus cochlearis [TA] SYN: basilar crest of cochlear duct.
- c. buccinatoria SYN: buccinator crest.
- c. capitis costae [TA] SYN: crest of head of rib.
- c. choanalis vomeris [TA] SYN: vomerine crest of choana.
- c. colli costae [TA] SYN: crest of neck of rib.
- c. conchalis [TA] SYN: conchal crest.
- c. conchalis corporis maxillae [TA] SYN: conchal crest of body of maxilla.
- c. conchalis ossis palatini [TA] SYN: conchal crest of palatine bone.
- c. corporis costae [TA] SYN: crest of body of rib.
- cristae cutis [TA] SYN: dermal ridges, under ridge.
- c. dentalis SYN: dental crest.
- c. dividens the lower free edge of the septum secundum, forming the upper margin of the fetal foramen ovale; the limbus of the foramen ovale.
- c. ethmoidalis [TA] SYN: ethmoidal crest.
- c. ethmoidalis maxillae [TA] SYN: ethmoidal crest of maxilla.
- c. ethmoidalis ossis palatini [TA] SYN: ethmoidal crest of palatine bone.
- c. fenestrae cochleae [TA] SYN: crest of round window.
- c. frontalis [TA] SYN: frontal crest.
- c. galli [TA] the triangular midline process of the ethmoid bone extending superiorly from the cribriform plate; it gives anterior attachment to the falx cerebri.
- c. glutea SYN: gluteal tuberosity.
- c. helicis SYN: crus of helix.
- c. iliaca [TA] SYN: iliac crest.
- c. infratemporalis alaris majoris ossis sphenoidalis [TA] SYN: infratemporal crest of greater wing of sphenoid.
- c. intertrochanterica [TA] SYN: intertrochanteric crest.
- c. lacrimalis anterior [TA] SYN: anterior lacrimal crest.
- c. lacrimalis posterior [TA] SYN: posterior lacrimal crest.
- c. marginalis dentis [TA] SYN: marginal crest of tooth.
- cristae matricis unguis SYN: crests of nail matrix, under crest.
- c. medialis fibulae [TA] SYN: medial crest of fibula.
- cristae of mitochondria, cristae mitochondriales shelflike infoldings of the inner membrane of a mitochondrion.
- c. musculi supinatoris ulnae [TA] SYN: supinator crest (of ulna).
- c. nasalis [TA] SYN: nasal crest.
- c. nasalis laminae horizontalis ossis palatini [TA] SYN: nasal crest of horizontal plate of palatine bone.
- c. nasalis processus palatini maxillae [TA] SYN: nasal crest of palatine process of maxilla.
- c. obturatoria [TA] SYN: obturator crest.
- c. occipitalis externa [TA] SYN: external occipital crest.
- c. occipitalis interna [TA] SYN: internal occipital crest.
- c. palatina SYN: palatine crest of horizontal process of palatine bone.
- c. palatina laminae horizontalis ossis palatini [TA] SYN: palatine crest of horizontal process of palatine bone.
- c. phallica SYN: urethral crest of male.
- c. pubica [TA] SYN: pubic crest.
- c. quarta a ridge that projects into the posterior end of the lateral semicircular duct of the labyrinth.
- c. sacralis [TA] SYN: sacral crest.
- c. sacralis intermedia SYN: intermediate sacral crest.
- c. sacralis lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral sacral crest.
- c. sacralis medialis [TA] SYN: intermediate sacral crest.
- c. sacralis mediana [TA] SYN: median sacral crest.
- c. sphenoidalis [TA] SYN: sphenoidal crest.
- c. spiralis SYN: spiral ligament of cochlear duct.
- c. spiralis ductus cochlearis basal crest of cochlear duct.
- c. supracondylaris lateralis lateral supraepicondylar ridge.
- c. supracondylaris medialis medial supraepicondylar ridge.
- c. supraepicondylaris lateralis [TA] SYN: lateral supraepicondylar ridge.
- c. supraepicondylaris medialis [TA] SYN: medial supraepicondylar ridge.
- c. supramastoidea [TA] SYN: supramastoid crest.
- c. suprastyloidea radii [TA] SYN: suprastyloid crest of radius.
- c. supraventricularis [TA] SYN: supraventricular crest.
- c. temporalis mandibulae [TA] SYN: temporal crest of mandible.
- c. terminalis SYN: c. terminalis of right atrium.
- c. terminalis atrii dextri [TA] SYN: c. terminalis of right atrium.
- c. terminalis of right atrium [TA] a vertical crest on the interior wall of the right atrium that lies to the right of the sinus of the vena cava and separates this from the remainder of the right atrium. SYN: c. terminalis atrii dextri [TA], c. terminalis, tenia terminalis, terminal crest.
- c. transversalis [TA] a crest or ridge on the occlusal surface of a tooth formed by the union of two triangular crests. SYN: transverse ridge [TA], transverse crest (2).
- c. transversa meatus acustici interni [TA] SYN: transverse crest of internal acoustic meatus.
- c. triangularis [TA] a crest or ridge which extends from the apex of a cusp of a premolar or molar tooth toward the central part of the occlusal surface. SYN: triangular ridge [TA], triangular crest.
- c. tuberculi majoris [TA] SYN: crest of greater tubercle.
- c. tuberculi minoris [TA] SYN: crest of lesser tubercle.
- c. urethralis [TA] SYN: urethral crest.
- c. urethralis femininae [TA] SYN: urethral crest of female.
- c. urethralis masculinae [TA] SYN: urethral crest of male.
- c. verticalis meatus acustici interni [TA] SYN: vertical crest of internal acoustic meatus.
- c. vestibuli [TA] SYN: vestibular crest.

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cris·ta 'kris-tə n, pl cris·tae -.tē, -.tī
1) one of the areas of specialized sensory epithelium in the ampullae of the semicircular canals of the ear serving as end organs for the labyrinthine sense called also crista ampullaris
2) a membranous spiral fold running the length of the body of certain spirochetes
3) an elevation of the surface of a bone for the attachment of a muscle or tendon
4) any of the inwardly projecting folds of the inner membrane of a mitochondrion

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n. (pl. cristae)
1. the sensory structure within the ampulla of a semicircular canals within the inner ear. The cristae respond to changes in the rate of movement of the head, being activated by pressure from the fluid in the semicircular canals.
2. one of the infoldings of the inner membrane of a mitochondrion.
3. any anatomical structure resembling a crest.

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cris·ta (krisґtə) gen. and pl. crisґtae [L.] 1. [TA] a projection or projecting structure, or ridge, especially one surmounting a bone or its border; called also crest and ridge. 2. see mitochondrial cristae.

Descriptions are given on TA terms, and include anglicized names of specific structures.

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