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capillary lumen; cardiolipin; case library; cell line; centralis lateralis; central [venous] line; cervical line; chemiluminescence; chest and left arm [lead in electrocardiography]; childhood leukemia; cholelithiasis; cholesterol-lecithin; chronic leukemia; cirrhosis of liver; clavicle; clear liquid; clearance; cleft lip; clinical laboratory; clomipramine; complete linkage; complex loading; composite lymphoma; computational linguistics; confidence limit or level; contact lens; corpus luteum; corrected [echo long axis] length; cricoid lamina; criterion level; critical list; cutaneous leishmaniasis; cutis laxa; cycle length; cytotoxic lymphocyte; lung capacity; lung compliance

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CL abbr
1) chest and left arm
2) corpus luteum
3) critical list

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see constant region, under region.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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