burning tongue

burning tongue

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  • burning mouth syndrome — n a chronic burning sensation of the oral mucous membranes esp. of the tongue that is typically accompanied by dryness of the mouth and disturbances in taste, that chiefly affects postmenopausal women, and that is of unknown cause * * * any of… …   Medical dictionary

  • Tongue — The tongue is a strong muscle anchored to the floor of the mouth. It is covered by the lingual membrane which has special areas to detect tastes. The tongue is composed of muscles attached to the lower jaw and to the hyoid bone (a small, U shaped …   Medical dictionary

  • burning — adjective Date: before 12th century 1. a. being on fire b. ardent, intense < burning enthusiasm > 2. a. affecting with or as if with heat < a burning fever > b. resembling t …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • burning — burn·ing bər niŋ adj 1) affecting with or as if with heat <a burning fever> 2) resembling that produced by a burn <a burning sensation on the tongue> burning n a sensation of being on fire or excessively heated <gastric burning> …   Medical dictionary

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  • Glossodynia — Classification and external resources ICD 10 K14.6 ICD 9 529.4 …   Wikipedia

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