sucrase-isomaltase deficiency

sucrase-isomaltase deficiency
suc·rase-iso·mal·tase de·fi·cien·cy (sooґkrās i″so-mawlґtās) see under deficiency.

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  • sucrase-isomaltase complex — the enzyme complex comprising sucrase and α dextrinase (isomaltase) activities, occurring in the brush border of the intestinal mucosa and hydrolyzing maltose as well as maltotriose and some other glycosidic bonds; the enzymes are… …   Medical dictionary

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  • disaccharidase deficiency — less than normal activity of disaccharidases of the intestinal mucosa. It usually denotes a generalized deficiency of all such enzymes secondary to a disorder of the small intestine, which clinically may be manifest only as a deficiency of… …   Medical dictionary

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