stripes of Retzius

stripes of Retzius
incremental lines.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Retzius foramen lines (striae stripes) — Ret·zi·us foramen, lines (striae, stripes) (retґze oos) [Magnus Gustav Retzius, Swedish anatomist, 1842–1919] see apertura lateralis ventriculi quarti, and see incremental lines, under line …   Medical dictionary

  • stria — 1. A stripe, band, streak, or line, distinguished by color, texture, depression, or elevation from the tissue in which it is found. SYN: striation (1). 2. SYN: striae cutis distensae. [L …   Medical dictionary

  • line — 1. A mark, strip, or streak. In anatomy, a long, narrow mark, strip, or streak distinguished from the adjacent tissues by color, texture, or elevation. SEE ALSO: linea. 2. A unit of …   Medical dictionary

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