Hyrtl recess

Hyrtl recess
recessus epitympanicus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • recess — A small hollow or indentation. SYN: recessus [TA]. [L. recessus] anterior r. a circumscript deepening of the interpeduncular fossa in the direction of the mamillary bodies. SYN: recessus anterior [TA]. anterior r. of tympanic …   Medical dictionary

  • Hyrtl loop (anastomosis) recess sphincter — (hurґtəl) [Jozsef Hyrtl, Hungarian anatomist in Austria, 1810–1894] see under loop and sphincter, and see recessus epitympanicus …   Medical dictionary

  • Hyrtl — Joseph, Austrian anatomist, 1811–1894. See H. anastomosis, H. foramen, H. loop, H. epitympanic recess, H. sphincter …   Medical dictionary

  • recessus epitympanicus — [TA] epitympanic recess: the portion of the tympanic cavity above the level of the tympanic membrane, containing the greater part of the incus and the upper half of the malleus. Called also attic, epitympanum, epitympanic space, and Hyrtl recess …   Medical dictionary

  • Foramen — A natural opening. Although a foramen is usually through bone, it can be an opening through other types of tissue, as with the foramen ovale. * * * An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure. SYN: trema (1). [L. an… …   Medical dictionary

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