gingival groove

gingival groove
sulcus gingivalis.

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  • free gingival groove — a shallow groove on the facial surface of the gingiva, running parallel to the margin of the gingiva at a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 mm, and usually at the level of, or somewhat apical to, the bottom of the gingival sulcus …   Medical dictionary

  • gingival sulcus — sulcus gingivalis [TA] a shallow V shaped space around the tooth, bounded by the tooth surface on one side and the epithelium lining the free margin of the gingiva on the other; considered by some authorities to be the same as the gingival… …   Medical dictionary

  • groove — A narrow, elongate depression or furrow on any surface. SEE ALSO: sulcus. alveolobuccal g. the upper and lower half of the buccal vestibule on each side. SYN: alveolobuccal sulcus, gingivobuccal g., gingivobuccal sulcus. alveololabial g. 1. the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Gingival sulcus — The gingival sulcus is an area of potential space between a tooth and the surrounding gingival tissue and is lined by sulcular epithelium. The depth of the sulcus (Latin for groove ) is bounded by two entities: apically by the gingival fibers of… …   Wikipedia

  • Sulcus — From the Latin for a groove, furrow, or trench. In medicine, there are many sulci (plural of sulcus) as, for example, the superior pulmonary sulcus. * * * 1. [TA] One of the grooves or furrows on the surface of the brain, bounding the several… …   Medical dictionary

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  • margo gingivalis — [TA] gingival margin: the crest of the free gingiva that surrounds the teeth in a collarlike fashion, separated from the adjacent periodontium protectoris by the free gingival groove; it forms the wall of the gingival sulcus. Called also free… …   Medical dictionary

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