An agglutinating autoantibody.
- anti- Pr cold a. a cold a. specific for the Pr (protease-sensitive) antigen of erythrocytes.
- cold a. an antibody that agglutinates particulate antigens ( i.e., bacteria) at temperatures below 37°C, often most actively at 4°C; most are the IgM class of immunoglobulins with affinity for the Ii system of erythrocyte antigens, but some are anti-Pr cold autoagglutinins; cold autoagglutinins may be associated with infection ( e.g., primary atypical pneumonia, infectious mononucleosis and other virus infections, certain protozoan infections) and in such instances usually are not active in vivo.

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au·to·ag·glu·ti·nin -ə-'glüt-ən-ən n an antibody that agglutinates the red blood cells of the individual producing it compare COLD AGGLUTININ

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au·to·ag·glu·ti·nin (aw″to-ə-glooґtĭ-nin) an autologous serum factor with the property of agglutinating the individual's own cellular elements.

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