The study of hearing disorders through the identification and measurement of hearing impairment as well as the rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairment s.

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au·di·ol·o·gy .ȯd-ē-'äl-ə-jē n, pl -gies a branch of science dealing with hearing specif therapy of individuals having impaired hearing
au·di·o·log·i·cal -ē-ə-'läj-i-kəl also au·di·o·log·ic -ē-ə-'läj-ik adj

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the study of disorders of hearing.

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au·di·ol·o·gy (aw″de-olґə-je) [audio- + -logy] the science of hearing, particularly diagnostic testing and the study of impaired hearing that cannot be improved by medication or surgical therapy.

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