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above scale; absence of seizures; access service [to health information]; acetylstrophanthidin; acidified serum; acoustic schwannoma; acoustic stimulation; active sarcoidosis; active sleep; Adams-Stokes [disease]; adolescent suicide; aerosol sensitivity; aerosol sensitization; allele-specific; Alport syndrome; alveolar sac; amphetamine sulfate; amyloid substance; anabolic steroid; anal sphincter; androsterone sulfate; Angelman syndrome; angiosarcoma; ankylosing spondylitis; anorexia site [database, Italy]; anovulatory syndrome; anterior synechia; anteroseptal; anterosuperior; antiserum; antisocial; antistreptolysin; antral spasm; anxiety state; aortic sound; aortic stenosis; approaching significance [statistical]; aqueous solution; aqueous suspension; archives server; area of stenosis; arteriosclerosis; artificial sweetener; aseptic meningitis; asparagine synthetase; Asperger syndrome; assisted suicide; astigmatism; asymmetric; atherosclerosis; atrial septum; atrial stenosis; atropine sulfate; audiogenic seizure; Auto-Suture; left ear [Lat. auris sinistra; JCAHO unapproved abbreviation]

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AS abbr
1) aortic stenosis
2) arteriosclerosis

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[L.] auґris sinisґtra (left ear).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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