1. The final stage of attentive perception in which something is clearly apprehended and thus is relatively prominent in awareness; the full apprehension of any psychic content. 2. The process of referring the perception of ideas to one's own personality. [L. ad, to, + per- cipio, pp. -ceptus, to take wholly, perceive]

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ap·per·cep·tion -'sep-shən n mental perception esp the process of understanding something perceived in terms of previous experience compare ASSIMILATION (3)
ap·per·cep·tive -'sep-tiv adj

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(in psychology) the process by which the qualities of an object, situation, etc., perceived by an individual are correlated with his/her preexisting knowledge.

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ap·per·cep·tion (ap″ər-sepґshən) [L. ad to + percipere to perceive] conscious perception and appreciation; the power of receiving, appreciating, and interpreting sensory impressions. apperceptive adj

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