1. SYN: appendage. 2. [TA] A wormlike intestinal diverticulum extending from the blind end of the cecum; it varies in length and ends in a blind extremity. SYN: a. vermiformis [TA], a. ceci, processus vermiformis, vermiform appendage, vermiform a., vermiform process, vermix. [L. appendage, fr. ap-pendo, to hang something on]
- appendices adiposae coli omental appendices.
- auricular a. SYN: auricles (of atria), under auricle.
- a. ceci SYN: a. (2).
- a. epididymidis [TA] SYN: a. of epididymidis.
- a. of epididymidis [TA] a small pedunculated body often attached to the head of the epididymis which is a vestige of the embryonic mesonephric duct. SYN: a. epididymidis [TA], pedunculated hydatid.
- epiploic a. SYN: omental appendices.
- a. epiploica, pl.appendices epiploicae SYN: omental appendices.
- fatty appendices of colon omental appendices.
- a. fibrosa hepatis [TA] SYN: fibrous a. of liver.
- fibrous a. of liver [TA] a fibrous process, into which the tip of the left lobe of the liver may taper out, that passes with the left triangular ligament to be attached to the diaphragm. SYN: a. fibrosa hepatis [TA].
- Morgagni a. SYN: pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland.
- omental appendices [TA] one of a number of little processes or sacs of peritoneum filled with adipose tissue and projecting from the serous coat of the large intestine, except the rectum; they are most evident on the transverse and sigmoid colon, being most numerous along the free tenia. SYN: appendices omentales [TA], appendices adiposae coli, fatty appendices of colon, a. epiploica, epiploic appendage, epiploic a., epiploic tags.
- appendices omentales [TA] SYN: omental appendices.
- a. testis [TA] SYN: a. of testis.
- a. of the testis SYN: a. of testis.
- a. of testis [TA] a vesicular nonpedunculated structure attached to the cephalic pole of the testis; a vestige of the cephalic end of the paramesonephric (müllerian) duct. SYN: a. testis [TA], a. of the testis, nonpedunculated hydatid, ovarium masculinum, sessile hydatid, testicular appendage.
- a. ventriculi laryngis SYN: laryngeal saccule.
- vermiform a. SYN: a. (2).
- a. vermiformis [TA] SYN: a. (2).
- vesicular appendices of uterine tube SYN: vesicular appendages of epoophoron, under appendage.
- a. vesiculosa, pl.appendices vesiculosae [TA] SYN: vesicular appendages of epoophoron, under appendage.

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ap·pen·dix ə-'pen-diks n, pl -dix·es or -di·ces -də-.sēz a bodily outgrowth or process specif VERMIFORM APPENDIX

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the short thin blind-ended tube, 7-10 cm long, that is attached to the end of the caecum (a pouch at the start of the large intestine). It has no known function in humans and is liable to become infected and inflamed, especially in young adults (see appendicitis).

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ap·pen·dix (ə-penґdiks) pl. appendixes, appenґdices [L., from appendere to hang upon] a supplementary, accessory, or dependent part attached to a main structure; called also appendage. Frequently used alone to denote the vermiform appendix (see a. vermiformis).

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