pulmonary distomiasis

pulmonary distomiasis

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • distomiasis, distomatosis — Presence in any of the organs or tissues of digenetic flukes formerly classified as Distoma or Distomum; in general, infection by any parasitic trematode or fluke. hemic d. SYN: schistosomiasis. pulmonary d. SYN: paragonimiasis …   Medical dictionary

  • paragonimiasis — Infection with a worm of the genus Paragonimus, especially P. westermani. SYN: pulmonary distomiasis. * * * par·a·gon·i·mi·a·sis .par ə .gän ə mī ə səs n, pl a·ses .sēz infestation with or disease caused by a lung fluke of the genus Paragonimus …   Medical dictionary

  • Schistosomiasis — Diseases of liver, gastrointestinal tract and bladder caused by schistosomes, trematode worms that parasitize people. Infection is from infested water. There are three main species of these trematode worms (flukes) Schistosoma haematobium, S.… …   Medical dictionary

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