Kuhnt-Junius disease

Kuhnt-Junius disease
disciform macular degeneration.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Kuhnt-Junius disease — Kuhnt Ju·ni·us disease (k ntґ yooґne us) [Hermann Kuhnt, German ophthalmologist, 1850–1925; Paul Junius, German ophthalmologist, 1871–1948] disciform macular degeneration; see under degeneration …   Medical dictionary

  • disciform macular degeneration — a severe form of the exudative or wet type of age related macular degeneration, characterized by hemorrhages between the Bruch membrane and the pigmented epithelium that produce a disclike area of sclerosis. Called also macular disciform d.,… …   Medical dictionary

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