allotypic determinant

allotypic determinant

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • determinant — The factor that contributes to the generation of a trait. [L. determans, determining, limiting] allotypic determinants antigenic determinants of allotypes. antigenic d. the particular chemical group of a molecule that determines immunological… …   Medical dictionary

  • allotope — (= allotypic determinant) The structural region of an antigen that distinguishes it from another allotype of that antigen …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • al|lo|typ|ic — «AL uh TIHP ihk», adjective. Genetics. of or having to do with an allotype: »an allotypic character, an allotypic determinant …   Useful english dictionary

  • antigen — Any substance that, as a result of coming in contact with appropriate cells, induces a state of sensitivity and/or immune responsiveness after a latent period (days to weeks) and that reacts in a demonstrable way with antibodies and/or immune… …   Medical dictionary

  • isotype — An antigenic determinant (marker) that occurs in all members of a class or subclass in the heavy chains of an immunoglobulin or in the type and subtype of light chains of an immunoglobulin molecule. Whereas a given allotypic …   Medical dictionary

  • Marker — A piece of DNA that lies on a chromosome so close to a gene that the marker and the gene are inherited together. A marker is thus an identifiable heritable spot on a chromosome. A marker can be an expressed region of DNA (a gene) or a segment of… …   Medical dictionary

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