A strongly emetic active principle obtained from several species of Andromeda and Rhododendron (family Ericaceae); it is a cardiac poison, first stimulating and then paralyzing the vagus; it also paralyzes the motor nerve ends in striated muscle.

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an·drom·e·do·tox·in an-.dräm-əd-(.)ō-'täk-sən n a toxic compound C31H50O10 found in various plants (as members of the genus Andromeda) of the heath family (Ericaceae) that lowers the blood pressure of animals when taken in small doses

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an·drom·e·do·tox·in (an-dromґə-do-tok″sin) [Andromeda + toxin] a poisonous crystalline principle found in plants such as species of Andromeda, Azalea, Kalmia, and Rhododendron. In sheep and other livestock that graze on the plants, it causes salivation, nasal discharge, emesis, and central nervous system symptoms that may include paralysis, coma, and death. Called also acetylandromedol and grayanotoxin.

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