Brooke ileostomy

Brooke ileostomy
(brook) [B.N. Brooke, British gastroenterologist, mid-20th century] see under ileostomy.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Brooke ileostomy — the simplest conventional type of ileostomy, in which the intestinal mucosal surface is everted and sutured to the skin to form the stoma, so that the serosal surface is not exposed to the air …   Medical dictionary

  • ileostomy — Establishment of a fistula through which the ileum discharges directly to the outside of the body. [ileo + G. stoma, mouth] Brooke i. i. in which the divided proximal ileum, brought through the abdominal wall, is evaginated and its edge is… …   Medical dictionary

  • Brooke — Henry A.G., English dermatologist, 1854–1919. See B. tumor. Bryan N., British surgeon, *1915. See B. ileostomy …   Medical dictionary

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