immune assay

immune assay

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  • Assay — An assay is an analysis done to determine: {{}}The presence of a substance and the amount of that substance. Thus, an assay may be done for example to determine the level of thyroid hormones in the blood of a person suspected of being hypothyroid …   Medical dictionary

  • immune adherence — the adherence of antigen antibody complexes or cells coated with antibody or complement to cells bearing complement receptors or Fc receptors. The agglutination reaction between antigen antibody complexes or antibody coated cells and indicator… …   Medical dictionary

  • immune adherence hemagglutination assay — (IAHA) see immune adherence, under adherence …   Medical dictionary

  • Secretion assay — is a process used in cell biology to identify cells that are secreting a particular protein (usually a cytokine). It was first developed by Manz et al. in 1995. Usually, a cell that is secreting the protein of interest is isolated using an… …   Wikipedia

  • Annexin A5 affinity assay — Annexin A5 is a protein that binds in a calcium dependent manner to phosphatidylserine containing membrane surfaces. Cell surface expression of phosphatidylserine during cell deathApoptosis is a form of programmed cell death which is used by the… …   Wikipedia

  • Raji cell assay — an assay for immune complexes using the Raji lymphoblastoid cell line (see Raji cell, under cell) …   Medical dictionary

  • double diffusion agar assay — (Ouchterlony technique) An immunodiffusion reaction in which both antibody and antigen diffuse through agar to form stable immune complexes, which can be observed visually …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • EIA — (Siglas de Enzyme Immune Assay) ► BIOQUÍMICA VER ELISA …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Прямая иммунная оценка — * прамая імунная ацэнка * direct immune assay метод обнаружения специфических белков, кодируемых рекомбинантной ДНК и экспрессируемых в бактериях, с использованием специфических антител. Для этого бактериальные колонии сначала лизируют () in situ …   Генетика. Энциклопедический словарь

  • test — 1. To prove; to try a substance; to determine the chemical nature of a substance by means of reagents. 2. A method of examination, as to determine the presence or absence of a definite disease or of some substance in any of the fluids, tissues,… …   Medical dictionary

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