A persistent visible mark on the skin that is evident at birth or shortly thereafter. A birthmark is often due to a nevus (a mole) or an hemangioma (a localized collection of small blood vessels). Birthmarks that are pink or red are commonly capillary hemangiomas — collections of tiny blood vessels — that are most evident when the baby cries. Common locations are on the midforehead, the eyelids, just above the nose, between the nose and the upper lip, and the so-called "stork bite" on the nape of the neck. These marks generally become harder to see or disappear entirely within a few years.
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A persistent visible lesion, usually on the skin, identified at or near birth; commonly a nevus or hemangioma. See nevus (1).
- strawberry b. SYN: strawberry nevus.

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birth·mark 'bərth-.märk n an unusual mark or blemish on the skin at birth: NEVUS
birthmark vt

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a skin blemish or mark present at birth. The cause is unknown but most birthmarks grow before the baby is born. See naevus.

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birth·mark (burthґmahrk) any congenital blemish or spot on the skin, usually visible at birth or shortly after, such as a nevus or mole.

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