A disease primarily of cattle and humans caused by the bacterium Actinomyces bovis in cattle and by A. israelii and Arachnia propionica in humans. These actinomycetes are part of the normal bacterial flora of the mouth and pharynx, but when introduced into tissue they may produce chronic destructive abscesses or granulomas that eventually discharge a viscid pus containing minute yellowish granules (sulfur granules). In humans, the disease commonly affects the cervicofacial area, abdomen, or thorax; in cattle, the lesion is commonly found in the mandible. SYN: actinophytosis (1), lumpy jaw. [actino- + G. mykes, fungus, + -osis, condition]

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ac·ti·no·my·co·sis .ak-tə-nō-.mī-'kō-səs n, pl -co·ses -.sēz infection with or disease caused by actinomyces esp a chronic disease of cattle, swine, and humans characterized by hard granulomatous masses usu. in the mouth and jaws see ACTINOMYCOMA
ac·ti·no·my·cot·ic -'kät-ik adj

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a noncontagious disease caused by the bacterium Actinomyces israelii, which most commonly affects the jaw but may also affect the lungs, brain, or intestines. The bacterium is normally present in the mouth but it may become pathogenic following an apical abscess or extraction of a tooth. It is characterized by multiple sinuses that open onto the skin. Treatment is by drainage of pus and a prolonged course of antibiotics.

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ac·ti·no·my·co·sis (ak″tĭ-no-mi-koґsis) [actino- + mycosis] an infectious disease caused predominantly by Actinomyces israelii in humans and by A. bovis in cattle. The most common sites are the submandibular region, thorax, and abdomen. Characteristics include fever, weight loss, and intraperitoneal and pelvic abscesses, including in the liver and sometimes the lung (resulting from aspiration). In cattle there is cervical lymphadenitis, called lumpy jaw. Pus from a suppurative lesion may contain yellow clusters called sulfur granules.

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