diastolic pressure

diastolic pressure

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diastolic blood pressure see blood p.

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  • diastolic pressure — noun the blood pressure (as measured by a sphygmomanometer) after the contraction of the heart while the chambers of the heart refill with blood • Hypernyms: ↑blood pressure * * * noun : the lowest arterial blood pressure of a cardiac cycle… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Diastolic dysfunction — refers to an abnormality in the heart s (i.e. left ventricle s) filling during diastole. Diastole is that phase of the cardiac cycle when the heart (i.e. ventricle) is not contracting but is actually relaxed and filling with blood that is being… …   Wikipedia

  • diastolic blood pressure — n the lowest arterial blood pressure of a cardiac cycle occurring during diastole of the heart called also diastolic pressure compare SYSTOLIC blood PRESSURE …   Medical dictionary

  • end-diastolic pressure — the pressure in the ventricles of the heart at the end of diastole, usually measured in the left ventricle as an approximation of the end diastolic volume, or preload …   Medical dictionary

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