A genus of fungi (family Moniliaceae, order Moniliales) that causes eumycotic mycetoma; three species, A. falciforme, A. kiliense, and A. recifei, produce whitish to yellow grains in the tissues. Produces keratomycosis, occasionally other infections, and the antibiotic cephalosporin.

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Ac·re·mo·ni·um .ak-ri-'mō-nē-əm n a genus of imperfect fungi with conidia held together by a slimy secretion in more or less spherical heads at the ends of fertile branches

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Ac·re·mo·ni·um (ak″rə-moґne-əm) a genus of Fungi Imperfecti of the form-class Hyphomycetes, form-family Moniliaceae; formerly called Cephalosporium. Some species produce cephalosporin antibiotics.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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