vesicular stomatitis

vesicular stomatitis
vesicular stomatitis n an acute virus disease esp. of various domesticated animals (as horses and cows) that resembles foot-and-mouth disease, that is marked by erosive blisters in and about the mouth, and that is caused by any of three single-stranded RNA viruses of the family Rhabdoviridae (genus Vesiculovirus) which sometimes infect humans producing symptoms resembling influenza

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1. herpetic s. 2. a viral infection in swine, cattle, and horses, caused by a rhabdovirus and characterized by vesicular eruptions on the oral mucosa. There may also be vesicles in swine on the snout and interdigital spaces, in cattle on the udder and teats, and in horses on the coronary band. It must be distinguished from foot-and-mouth disease.

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