Um·bel·lif·er·ae .əm-bə-'lif-ə-.rē n pl a large family of often fragrant or aromatic plants (order Umbellales) that have small flowers borne in umbels and include numerous economically important plants (as the carrot, anise, caraway, dill, and parsley)
um·bel·li·fer əm-'bel-ə-fər n

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Um·bel·li·fe·rae (um″bə-lifґĭ-re) the parsley family, a large family of plants with fragrant leaves and flower clusters arranged in umbels; many species are used as foods and spices in the human diet. Important genera include Anethum, Carum, Cicuta, Conium, Coriandrum, Daucus, Foeniculum, and Pimpinella.

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