1. Abbreviation for total acidity; ante; area; asymmetric; auris; artery; arteria [TA]. 2. Symbol for atto-. 3. As a subscript, refers to systemic arterial blood.
Symbol for specific absorption coefficient; abbreviation for absorptivity.
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abnormal; abortion; absolute temperature; absorbance; acceptor; accommodation; acetone; acetum; achondroplasia; acid; acidophil, acidophilic; acromion; actin; Actinomyces; activity [radiation]; adenine; adenoma; adenosine; admittance; adrenalin; Adriamycin; adult; age; akinetic; alanine; albino [guinea pig]; albumin; allergologist, allergy; alpha [cell]; alveolar gas; ambulation; ampere; amphetamine; ampicillin; amplitude; anaphylaxis; androsterone; anesthetic; angstrom, Angstrom unit; anode; Anopheles; antagonism; anterior; antibody; antrectomy; apical; aqueous; area; argon; artery [Lat. arteria]; atomic weight; atrium; atropine; auricle; auscultation; axial; axilla, axillary; before [Lat. ante]; blood group A; ear [Lat. auris]; mass number; subspinale; total acidity; tumor limited to the bowel [Dukes classification]; tumor limited to the mucosa [Astler- Coller classification]; water [Lat. aqua]; year [Lat. annum] cumulated activity; antinuclear antibody

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1) adenine
2) ampere
A n the one of the four ABO blood groups characterized by the presence of antigens designated by the letter A and by the presence of antibodies against the antigens present in the B blood group
Å symbol angstrom

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accommodation; adenine or adenosine; alanine; ampere; anode; anterior; (as a subscript) alveolar gas.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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