A dangerous infection caused by a water-borne fungus. Zygomycosis is seen most often in patients who are already ill with diseases that cause wasting, such as AIDS or poorly controlled diabetes. If unchecked, the fungal infection can spread to the lungs and other organs, the blood, the eyes, and the brain. Treatment is two-fold: controlling the underlying condition, and attacking the infection with anti-fungal medications.
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A broad term that includes mucormycosis and entamophthoramycosis; usually applied when culture is not available and the clinical entity is unclear. SYN: phycomycetosis, phycomycosis.

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zy·go·my·co·sis (zi″go-mi-koґsis) 1. mucormycosis. 2. any fungal infection with members of the class Zygomycetes, including entomophthoromycosis and mucormycosis.

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