ri·bo·fla·vin .rī-bə-'flā-vən, 'rī-bə-. also ri·bo·fla·vine -.vēn n a yellow crystalline compound C17H20N4O6 that is a growth-promoting member of the vitamin B complex and occurs both free (as in milk) and combined (as in liver) called also lactoflavin, ovoflavin, vitamin B2

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ri·bo·fla·vin (riґbo-fla″vin) vitamin B2>, a heat-stable, water-soluble flavin comprising a substituted isoalloxazine ring system linked to ribitol. It serves as a component of two coenzymes, FAD and FMN, of flavoproteins, which function as electron carriers in oxidation-reduction processes. It occurs in milk, organ meats, eggs, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and enriched cereals and breads, and various algae, and is an essential nutrient for humans, the requirement being related to body size, metabolic rate, and growth rate. Deficiency of the vitamin is known as ariboflavinosis (q.v.). [USP] an official preparation of riboflavin, used in the treatment and prophylaxis of riboflavin deficiency; administered orally and parenterally.

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