Reinsch test

Reinsch test
Reinsch test 'rīnsh- n a test for the presence esp. of arsenic, antimony, and mercury in which a strip of clean pure copper foil is heated with the test material in acid solution and then if a black or gray stain appears on the foil, it is heated in a test tube to produce a sublimate deposited in the upper part of the tube in a form characteristic of arsenic, antimony, or mercury if any of these are present
Reinsch Adolf (1862-1916)
German physician. Reinsch was a professor and director of chemical research for the city of Altona, which is now part of Hamburg. He was involved with the bacteriological and chemical testing of Altona's water supply.

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(for heavy metals, including arsenic, mercury, bismuth, antimony, and large amounts of selenium, tellurium, and sulfide) insert a strip of clean copper into the suspected acidified liquid or finely ground tissue, and boil; if one or more heavy metals are present, a coating will form on the copper strip.

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