Queckenstedt test

Queckenstedt test
Queck·en·stedt test 'kvek-ən-shtet- n a test for spinal blockage of the subarachnoid space in which manual pressure is applied to the jugular vein to elevate venous pressure, which indicates the absence of a block when there is a simultaneous increase in cerebrospinal fluid pressure, and which indicates the presence of a block when cerebrospinal fluid pressure remains the same or almost the same called also Queckenstedt sign
Queckenstedt Hans Heinrich Georg (1876-1918)
German physician. Queckenstedt devoted most of his energies to the management of the sick at clinics first in Heidelberg and then in Rostock, Germany. He published papers on iron metabolism in pernicious anemia, on periostitis in typhoid fever, and on the dynamics and constituents of cerebrospinal fluid. He introduced the procedure known as the Queckenstedt test in 1916.

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a part of the routine lumbar puncture procedure. It is used to determine whether or not the flow of cerebrospinal fluid is blocked in the spinal canal.
H. H. G. Queckenstedt (1876-1918), German physician

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see under sign.

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