pseu·do·ra·bies -'rā-bēz n an acute febrile virus disease of domestic animals (as cattle and swine) that is caused by a herpesvirus of the genus Varicellovirus (species Suid herpesvirus 1) and that is marked by cutaneous irritation and intense itching followed by encephalomyelitis and pharyngeal paralysis and commonly terminating in death within 48 hours called also infectious bulbar paralysis, mad itch

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pseu·do·ra·bies (soo″do-raґbēz) a highly contagious viral disease caused by a herpesvirus and primarily affecting the central nervous system. It is endemic in pigs; older pigs usually have a mild respiratory infection but piglets often have convulsions and die. It sometimes spreads to cattle, dogs, cats, and other mammals, in which its characteristics include sudden onset, severe pruritus, late paralysis, convulsions, and death within three to four days. Called also Aujeszky disease or itch, mad itch, and infectious bulbar paralysis.

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