Inflammation of the external genital organs of the female (the vulva). The vulva includes the labia, clitoris, and the entrance (the "vestibule") to the vagina. A yeast infection of the vulva, for example, is a type of vulvitis.
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Inflammation of the vulva. [vulva + G. -itis, inflammation]
- chronic atrophic v. an inflammation of atrophic vulvar skin, usually with severe pruritus.
- chronic hypertrophic v. obsolete term for swelling of the vulval tissues due to lymphatic obstruction; in some cases it may be caused by filariasis, with induration or ulceration of the skin. SYN: elephantiasis vulvae.
- follicular v. inflammation of the vulvar hair follicles.

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vul·vi·tis .vəl-'vīt-əs n inflammation of the vulva

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inflammation of the vulva, which is often accompanied by intense itching (see pruritus).

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vul·vi·tis (vəl-viґtis) [vulva + -itis] inflammation of the vulva.

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