In medicine and dentistry, a vestibule is a space or cavity at the entrance to a canal, channel, tube, vessel. In ancient Rome, the “vestibulum” was an entrance or enclosed porch leading into the house.
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1. A small cavity or a space at the entrance of a canal. 2. Specifically, the central, somewhat ovoid, cavity of the osseous labyrinth communicating with the semicircular canals posteriorly and the cochlea anteriorly. SYN: vestibulum [TA]. [L. vestibulum]
- aortic v. [TA] the anterosuperior portion of the left ventricle of the heart immediately below the aortic orifice, having fibrous walls and affording room for the segments of the closed aortic valve. SYN: vestibulum aortae [TA], Sibson aortic v..
- buccal v. that part of the oral v. related to the cheek.
- esophagogastric v. SYN: gastroesophageal v..
- gastroesophageal v. the dilated aboral portion of the esophagus, just above the cardiac orifice; usually it corresponds to the lumen of abdominal part of the esophagus although its relation to the diaphragm is variable. SYN: esophagogastric v..
- labial v. that part of the oval v. related to the lips.
- v. of larynx [TA] the upper part of the laryngeal cavity from the superior aperture to the vestibular folds or rima vestibuli, bounded anteriorly by the epiglottis, laterally by the mucosa overlying the quadrangular membranes and posteriorly by the mucosa overlying the arytenoid cartilages and arytenoideus muscle. SYN: vestibulum laryngis [TA], atrium glottidis, superior laryngeal cavity.
- v. of mouth SYN: oral v..
- nasal v. [TA] the anterior part of the nasal cavity, especially that enclosed by cartilage. SYN: vestibulum nasi [TA], v. of nose.
- v. of nose SYN: nasal v..
- v. of omental bursa [TA] the upper part of the bursa omentalis, just within the epiploic foramen (of Winslow), behind the caudate lobe of the liver. SYN: vestibulum bursae omentalis [TA].
- oral v. [TA] that part of the mouth bounded anteriorly and laterally by the lips and the cheeks, posteriorly and medially by the teeth and/or gums, and above and below by the reflections of the mucosa from the lips and cheeks to the gums. SYN: vestibulum oris [TA], buccal cavity, v. of mouth.
- Sibson aortic v. SYN: aortic v..
- v. of vagina [TA] the space posterior to the glans clitoridis and between the labia minora, containing the openings of the vagina, urethra, and ducts of the greater vestibular glands. SYN: vestibulum vaginae [TA], vaginal introitus, vestibulum pudendi.

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ves·ti·bule 'ves-tə-.byül n any of various bodily cavities esp. when serving as or resembling an entrance to some other cavity or space: as
a ) (1) the central cavity of the bony labyrinth of the ear (2) the parts of the membranous labyrinth comprising the utricle and the saccule and contained in the cavity of the bony labyrinth
b) the space between the labia minora containing the orifice of the urethra
c) the part of the left ventricle of the heart immediately below the aortic orifice
d) the part of the mouth cavity outside the teeth and gums

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(in anatomy) a cavity situated at the entrance to a hollow part. The vestibule of the ear is the cavity of the bony labyrinth that contains the saccule and utricle - the organs of equilibrium.

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ves·ti·bule (vesґtĭ-būl) a space or cavity at the entrance to a canal; called also vestibulum [TA].

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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