ox·y·gen·ator 'äk-si-jə-.nāt-ər, äk-'sij-ə- n one that oxygenates specif an apparatus that oxygenates the blood extracorporeally (as during open-heart surgery)

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a machine that oxygenates blood outside the body. It is used together with pumps to maintain the patient's circulation while he is undergoing open heart surgery (see heart-lung machine) or to improve the circulation of a patient with heart or lung disorders that lower the amount of blood oxygen.

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ox·y·gen·a·tor (okґsĭ-jə-na″tər) a device that mechanically oxygenates venous blood extracorporeally. It is used in combination with one or more pumps for maintaining circulation during open heart surgery and for assisting the circulation in patients seriously ill with some cardiac and pulmonary disorders. Called also artificial lung.

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