Vein, femoral

Vein, femoral
The largest vein in the groin, the femoral vein is an upwards continuation of a vein lower down in the leg called the popliteal vein. The femoral vein passes beneath the inguinal ligament at the groin crease to enter the abdomen where it becomes the external iliac vein. The femoral vein is one portion of the venous system that carries blood from the lower extremity (the leg) all the way back up to the heart. The arterial counterpart of the femoral vein is the femoral artery. It takes essentially the same course as the femoral vein but transports blood in the opposite direction. The blood in the femoral artery comes from the heart via the aorta and the external iliac artery. The femoral artery permits the blood continue descending toward the leg.

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