malignant catarrhal fever

malignant catarrhal fever
malignant catarrhal fever n an acute infectious often fatal disease of cattle, some other bovines, and deer that is caused by any of several herpesviruses (genus Rhadinovirus) and is characterized by fever, depression, enlarged lymph nodes, discharge from the eyes and nose, and lesions affecting most organ systems called also catarrhal fever, malignant catarrh

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a highly fatal viral disease of cattle and other ungulates, characterized by exudative inflammation of mucous membranes, especially in the mouth, digestive tract, and respiratory tract, with corneal opacities, encephalitis, and enlargement of lymph nodes. The cause is thought to be a herpesvirus. Called also bovine malignant catarrh and malignant catarrh of cattle.

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