Little's disease

Little's disease
Lit·tle's disease 'lit-əlz- n a form of spastic cerebral palsy marked by spastic diplegia in which the legs are typically more severely affected than the arms broadly CEREBRAL PALSY
Little William John (1810-1894)
British physician. Little was the first eminent British orthopedic surgeon. In 1861 he presented the first complete description of congenital cerebral spastic paralysis, which came to be called Little's disease and is now known to be a form of spastic cerebral palsy. He also established that there is a relationship between a mother's abnormal parturition and the occurrence of nervous disorders in the child.

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a form of cerebral palsy involving both sides of the body and affecting the legs more severely than the arms.
W. J. Little (1810-94), British surgeon

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