lepromatous leprosy

lepromatous leprosy
lepromatous leprosy n the one of the two major forms of leprosy that is characterized by the formation of lepromas, the presence of numerous Hansen's bacilli in the lesions, and a negative skin reaction to lepromin and that remains infectious to others until treated compare TUBERCULOID LEPROSY

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the more malignant and infectious of the two polar types of leprosy, characterized principally by widespread dissemination of Mycobacterium leprae in the tissues (which reflects the poor immune response to infection), and by numerous cutaneous lesions consisting of pale, diffusely and symmetrically distributed macules. The lepromin test is negative. If untreated, the macules gradually progress to form plaques and nodules called lepromas. Infiltrations result in destructive lesions and deformities such as leonine facies, but nerve damage is usually less than that seen in tuberculoid leprosy. Called also multibacillary l.

Lepromatous leprosy; there is diffuse infiltration of the face with leonine facies and madarosis.

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