Dressing in the clothing of the opposite sex. Transvestism is distinct from both transsexualism and homosexuality. In psychiatry, it can be considered a paraphilia. Also known as cross-dressing.
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The practice of dressing or masquerading in the clothes of the opposite sex; especially the adoption of feminine mannerisms and costume by a male. SYN: transvestitism. [trans- + L. vestio, to dress]

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trans·ves·tism tran(t)s-'ves-.tiz-əm, tranz- also trans·ves·tit·ism -'ves-.tit-.iz-əm n adoption of the dress and often the behavior of the opposite sex called also eonism

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dressing in clothes normally associated with the opposite sex, which may occur in both heterosexual and homosexual people. Cross-dressing may be practised by transsexuals (see transsexualism), in whom it is not sexually arousing. Other transvestites are fetishistic, and in these cross-dressing is sexually arousing and may lead to masturbatory or other sexual behaviour. Treatment may be by behavioural techniques, such as aversion therapy, but is not always needed. See also sexual deviation.

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trans·ves·tism (trans-vesґtiz-əm) [trans- + L. vestitus clothed] 1. cross-dressing and otherwise assuming the appearance, manner, or roles traditionally associated with members of the opposite sex. 2. transvestic fetishism.

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