The presence of live bacteria in the bloodstream. Bacteremia is analogous to viremia (the presence of a virus in the blood) and parasitemia (the presence of a parasite in the blood). Bacteremia, viremia and parasitemia are all forms of sepsis (bloodstream infection). The term "bacteremia" was compounded from "bacteria" and "-emia" (in the blood). Also called bacillemia.
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The presence of viable bacteria in the circulating blood; may be transient following trauma such as dental or other iatrogenic manipulation or may be persistent or recurrent as a result of infection. SYN: bacteriemia. [bacteria + G. haima, blood]

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bac·ter·emia or chiefly Brit bac·ter·ae·mia .bak-tə-'rē-mē-ə n the usu. transient presence of bacteria in the blood
bac·ter·emic or chiefly Brit bac·ter·ae·mic -mik adj

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bac·ter·e·mia (bak″tər-eґme-ə) [bacter- + -emia] the presence of bacteria in the blood.

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