A fluid that passes through a membrane which filters out much of the protein and cellular elements to yield a watery solution. A transudate is due to increased pressure in the veins and capillaries pressure forcing fluid through the vessel walls or low levels of protein the blood serum. It is a filtrate of blood. The transudated fluid accumulates in tissues outside the blood vessels and can cause edema (swelling). By comparison, an exudate is a fluid rich in protein and cellular elements that oozes out of blood vessels due to inflammation and is deposited nearby. The altered permeability of blood vessels permits the passage of large molecules and solid matter through their walls. The vessels seem to weep, to sweat, in keeping with the Latin "exsudare", to sweat out, from which exudate is derived.
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Any fluid (solvent and solute) that has passed through a presumably normal membrane, such as the capillary wall, as a result of imbalanced hydrostatic and osmotic forces; characteristically low in protein unless there has been secondary concentration. Cf.:exudate. SYN: transudation (2). [trans- + L. sudo, pp. -atus, to sweat]

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tran·su·date .tran(t)s-'(y)üd-ət, .tranz-, -.āt; 'tran(t)s-(y)u̇-.dāt, 'tranz- n a transuded substance

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tran·su·date (transґu-dāt) [trans- + L. sudare to sweat] a fluid substance which has passed through a membrane or been extruded from the blood as a result of hydrodynamic forces. A transudate, in contrast to an exudate, is characterized by high fluidity and a low content of protein, cells, or of solid materials derived from cells.

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