Having genetic material (DNA) from another species. This term can be applied to an organism that has genes from another organism. It is understood that the foreign genes are in the transgenic animal's germ-cell DNA and so can be transmitted from one generation to the next.
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Referring to an organism in which new DNA has been introduced into the germ cells by injection into the nucleus of the ovum.

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trans·gen·ic .tran(t)s-'jen-ik, .tranz- adj being or used to produce an organism or cell of one species into which one or more genes of other species have been incorporated <\transgenic mice> <\transgenic corn plants> <\transgenic techniques> also produced by or composed of transgenic plants or animals <\transgenic foods>
transgenic n
1) a transgenic plant or animal
2) transgenics pl but sing in constr a branch of biotechnology concerned with the production of transgenic plants, animals, and foods

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trans·gen·ic (trans-jenґik) [trans- + genic] pertaining to the experimental incorporation of a segment of DNA from one genome into a different genome; often used specifically to denote transfer across species.

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