In pharmacology, a drug that calms and relieves anxiety. The first tranquilizer, chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride (brand name: Librium) received FDA approval in 1960. Tranquillizers range in potency from mild to major, with increasing levels of drowsiness occurring as potency increases. They are prescribed for a wide variety of conditions, but are used primarily to treat anxiety and insomnia. Most tranquillizers are potentially addictive, particularly those in the benzodiazepine family. See benzodiazepine tranquilizer.
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A drug that promotes tranquility by calming, soothing, quieting, or pacifying with minimal sedating or depressant effects.
- major t. SYN: antipsychotic agent.
- minor t. SYN: antianxiety agent.

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tran·quil·iz·er or chiefly Brit tran·quil·liz·er or tran·quil·lis·er -.lī-zər n a drug used to reduce mental disturbance (as anxiety and tension) see antipsychotic

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tran·qui·liz·er (trang″kwĭ-līzґər) [L. tranquillus quiet, calm + -ize + -er agent] a drug with a calming, soothing effect; currently it is usually used to denote a minor t.

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